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Best Places to Study for Finals

Finals week is stressful enough, but add on top of that finding somewhere to study can be just as stressful. We have our top four study spots on campus that you’re sure to hit up these next few weeks to get those early morning and late night study sessions in. Michael Schwartz Library: located off…

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Cavaliers in the Playoffs!

Coming off their thrilling victory in Game 2, the Cavaliers are back in action tonight!  The Langston team is thrilled about the CAVS being in the playoffs! Get hyped with us and share a pic of you and your friends showing your CAVS spirit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #LangstonCavLove.  Just for fun, we'll…

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May 15-17th is a HOT WEEKEND at The Langston

The weather is finally warming up a bit in Cleveland, and we are ready for all that summer has to offer in this great city.  From lazy afternoons at the ballpark, to festivals, to everything that the Metroparks has to offer…we can't wait to experience summer in Cleveland.   If you are looking for a…

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