Best Places to Study for Finals

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Finals week is stressful enough, but add on top of that finding somewhere to study can be just as stressful. We have our top four study spots on campus that you’re sure to hit up these next few weeks to get those early morning and late night study sessions in.

  • Michael Schwartz Library: located off Euclid Avenue, there are four levels with group, quiet and individual study zones for you to choose what best suits you when diving into the books.
  • Joe Maxx Coffee: don’t want to stay on campus to study? Check out this small coffee shop located off Chester Avenue. Enjoy a cup of coffee to give you the energy you need for those last-minute cramming sessions.
  • The Langston Collaborative Study Areas: Exclusive to Langston residents, choose to study close to home in a quiet setting. With couches and work space available, you can work in groups or individually to get everything accomplished. Our study spaces are now newly equipped with chalkboard walls for our visual learners to utilize as well.
  • CSU Student Center: located in the heart of campus, the student center provides internet access, computer lounges, and study space for students.

Hopefully, some of these study spots are perfect for you to hit the books at. Most locations are near or at food stops, so you can fuel up while you study. If you know any more places that didn’t make the list, send them our way so we can add them. No matter where your study spot is, we hope you are able to have a successful finals week and end the semester on the right foot!

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