Locking Up Your Apartment for Winter Break

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Many of our residents are wrapping up final exams and preparing to head home this holiday break. We wanted to share some tips with everyone in terms of locking up your apartment and avoiding any issues while you are away.

  1. Pack up: Don't forget to take with you any items you'll need while you're home on holiday break, especially your laptop. It's great to pack a little at a time so you aren't overwhelmed and in a rush to get everything out to your vehicle at the end of finals week. The great thing about living at The Langston is that our doors automatically lock when exiting outside to prevent those who don't live here from entering, but it's always safe to take home any valuables you might have.
  2. Hold all mail: Thankfully, our team here will hold all packages at the front desk instead of dropping them off at your door step. Mail will still be delivered, though.
  3. Unplug appliances: Before you leave, unplug all appliances in your home, except for your refrigerator. This will cut back a little on your electricity bill and prevent anything from happening to your place while it’s unattended.
  4. Set up a timer on your lights: There are inexpensive tools out there that allow you to set your lights to a timer while you are away. This is better than leaving a light on the entire time you are gone, which is more distracting since it's unlikely that you keep a light on in the middle of the night all the time.
  5. Set your thermostat to 55 degrees: To prevent frozen pipes within the units, it’s required that all residents set their thermostats to 55 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when they leave for break. A team member on staff will be entering each unit to check and make sure that this is done. If not, an additional fee will be charged to your monthly rent bill in January.
  6. Lock up: As obvious as this is, it’s the most commonly missed item on the checklist. Please make sure all windows and doors are properly locked and reinforced, including each individual bedroom door. It helps to also close all of your blinds, even if you don't normally do this. Make sure you properly secure your vehicle if it's staying here, and remove any valuables from being seen through the windows.

We understand this is a busy and stressful time for many of you, but by applying some of these tips before you leave will avoid more stress when you return in January. As always, feel free to contact the front desk if you have any concerns while you are away. We would be more than happy to check on things for you. Have a wonderful and relaxing break, and we’ll see you when you return in 2017!

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