Pros and Cons to a Furnished Apartment

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At The Langston, we provide furnished and unfurnished apartments for residents to choose from. For most of you, this is your first apartment and first place of your own, so when you wonder what are the advantages and disadvantages to a furnished apartment, hear it from us.

  • Moving is easier when you can avoid the hassle of transporting large pieces of furniture, such as a couch or bed, and just bring your personal items without the rental truck and struggle of fitting that couch in the elevator
  • You can save money by avoiding purchasing large pieces of furniture, which usually cost a few hundred dollars
  • Don’t worry about asking family members if they have a spare couch you can borrow or roommate arguments about who is bringing what or that one roommate is overprotective of their belongings
  • Short term stay? If you’re only living at The Langston for a year or two, you can avoid the stress that comes with relocating your belongings when the end of your lease comes around


  • It limits your control over the décor of your unit when the main focal points are already picked out for you
  • There are fewer floor plans to choose from since there are a limited number of furnished apartments available
  • There is a greater liability when the furniture isn’t your own since you might face charges with any damaged furniture at the end of your lease

Thinking about checking out a furnished apartment at The Langston? You can easily make the space your own by bringing your own plants, photos, books, and kitchen items to add to the furniture that’s already in place when you arrive. By putting on your own bedding and having your own towels from home also makes the space your own. Unpacking right away and moving the furniture to your liking furthers the space being meant for you.

Interested in learning more about furnished and unfurnished apartments near Cleveland State University? Stop by and meet our leasing team. Take a tour and see what your new home can look like and all the amenities that are available to you! Our model has our furniture package in it and shows a lot of ideas on how you can personalize the space even with the standard furniture package.


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