5 Tips for Studying in Your Apartment Home

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Studying in your apartment home can be convenient, but comes with its challenges. Whether you plan to hit up a library, post up in a coffee shop, or manage just fine at home, here's some of our favorite tips to study from your apartment home.

Make a list of tasks.

When studying from home, it’s important to stay on task and hold yourself accountable. Keeping that schedule is important to stay productive and produce quality work. By making a list, you can help keep track of progress toward your goals.

Get dressed.

Although a perk of studying at home is the chance to wear pajamas, try getting dressed to study. People say that when you look good, you feel good! This helps set boundaries and will subconsciously motivate you to get started on your day.

Set aside workspace.

Working from bed or a couch may be comfortable, but they aren’t as likely to be productive workspaces. Try designating a desk or table for your work in order to keep work vs. relaxation separate.

Get out of your apartment.

Whether it’s working from a coffee shop for the day, or simply running out to get food, plan to leave your apartment at least once during a long study session. Working elsewhere helps add a little peer pressure to not be “that guy” who takes up valuable space near an outlet in the coffee shop. Or, consider going to the library for a free, quiet space to work. If you are running an errand or run out to get lunch, this will motivate you to set small goals to accomplish before and after the time you leave, adding little reminders to stay on task.

Set a clear time limit.

Set a start time and end time and stick to it. If you have exciting plans directly after your end time, this can help keep you motivated to finish your taks in order to have fun! Little rewards can go a long way to trick your mind into being more productive.


We hope you found these five tips helpful. The key is to set goals, stay motivated and find your balance!

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