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Subleasing Tips

Did you get an amazing internship for the summer? Moving back home to work at a part-time job? Taking summer classes but commuting from home? If you answered yes to any of these but have an apartment on campus, you are probably searching for subleaser this summer! Thankfully, we are here to help! Unfortunately, you…

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Roommate Challenges Resolved

Living with a roommate can be a challenge, no matter how long you’ve known someone. The excitement and anticipation of sharing the college experience will carry you and your roommates only so far, then those all-important conflicts come up. Who is going to clean? Who is going to cook? How are you going to handle…

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Dare to Compare with The Langston

Trying to decide where to live next year? Weighing out your options and trying to choose the best apartment home for you? Let us do the work for you with our Dare to Compare graphic showing you how we stack up again the competition. See for yourself: Compared to the dorms, you pay 24% more…

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