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Tips for Living with Roommates

No matter your age, living with roommates is always a growing experience. Roommates help you learn how you function best, what really grinds your gears, and how to communicate with other people. Some roommates are random, some are best friends, and some are just another person to split the cost of living with. If you’ve…

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Maintenance Tip of the Month

We are in the thick of the winter months and no one wants to leave the house and face those brutal winter temperatures outside, so cooking and ordering in is all anyone wants to do these days. But remember, not everything is edible for our kitchen sinks. Here’s a friendly reminder of items that you…

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Fall 2017 Move-In to The Langston

We are thrilled to be welcoming new residents on August 18 to The Langston! For some of you, this is your first apartment, but many are returning for a second or third year with us. With an apartment comes responsibility, but we are here to help. Any questions or concerns you have, feel free to…

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