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2/20/2020 7:04 PM

Be a part of something great! #LangstonLife

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  • Be a part of something great! #LangstonLife
  • We are now hiring for the Community Assistants position this summer. Apply today!🙌 #LangstonLife
  • We have limited availability for our 4-Bedroom floor plans, please contact us if you're interested!💥 #LangstonLife
  • To get the best rate, now is the time to lease!🏡 #LangstonLife
  • There's nothing better than living in Cleveland🙌 #LangstonLife
  • Patiently waiting for summer days☀️ #LangstonLife
  • Looking for a summer position that offers free lunch? Apply today!🔥 #LangstonLife
  • There's no better place to get some work done than The Langston lounge!📚 #LangstonLife
  • Our amazing property manager😊 #LangstonLife
  • Work with us and we'll give you free lunches! Apply for summer positions today💥 #LangstonLife
  • The campus lifestyle🙌 #LangstonLife
  • Weekend mood!👊 #LangstonLife
  • This summer is the perfect time to join our amazing team! $9/hr and paid lunches are just a few perks of the job 😉 Apply today. #LangstonLife
  • It's not hard to love The Langston🙌 #LangstonLife
  • Kickin' off the week at The Langston😎 #LangstonLife