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7/8/2019 1:55 PM

A free gym membership with every lease💪 #LangstonLife

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  • We love giving back to our residents!🥯 #LangstonLife
  • Already planning for next year? Sign your lease with us today!🏡 #LangstonLife
  • The sooner you renew, the better the deal! Renew your lease today🔥 #LangstonLife
  • The Straight A grind🙌 #LangstonLife
  • Rollin' through The Langston💥 #LangstonLife @lime
  • Want to join this squad?🔥 Now is your chance! We are currently hiring for our Community Assistant position so apply in the leasing office today! #LangstonLife
  • NOW is the best time to renew your lease!🏡 #LangstonLife
  • We're coming for your spot @bakermayfield 🏈 #LangstonLife #gobrowns
  • Carving out some fun!🍂 #LangstonLife
  • Donut day was a success🙌 #LangstonLife
  • Be sure to check out our first floor re-tail🐶 #LangstonLife

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